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Seat walls are a wonderful way to bring focal points and design to your back yard or patio environment.    A small search for images using the key words “seat walls” shows hundreds of pictures of seat walls constructed out of pavers and stone.   The most attractive seat walls combine style and natural rock to create lasting impressions to the area.   

There are many things seat walls have been designed for beside just a place to sit.    Water features, raised planters, fountains, and barriers on patios are just a few of the most common uses for seat walls.    Some seat walls also carry function and purpose in out door kitchen areas.    The Hardscape System allows for great ease when building seat walls. Unlike pavers and cultured stone there are many limitations to the conventional building process.   When using pavers and stone first you are limited to the size and shape of these products.    Most contractors charge more money to accommodate the extra labor and material costs to the when using these standard products.    Because cultured stone is not cast in a curved manner seat walls that incorporate curves pose a difficult problem for the contractor.

The Benefits of using the Hardscape System is any curve or design pattern is achieved in mere minutes.    Once the top is cast in place with the desired edge molding, the base is structured coated for strength and durability.   When the structure coat is finished the new base of the seat wall is ready for all of the conventional materials including textured plaster, stamped concrete and hand carved concrete.   We hope you consider all of these when you have your seat wall fabricated.   When using hand carved vertical decorative concrete there really are no limitations to style, texture, scope, size of stone and color.